Mythologies- Barthes on… Romans in film

In his essay, Romans in films, Barthes draws his attention to the working symbols in Mankiewicz’s film Julius Caesar. One thing which he points as striking is that all the characters have fringes. This is a working symbol of the film because it unifies all of the characters, giving them a chosen ‘Roman-ness’. It is…… Continue reading Mythologies- Barthes on… Romans in film

Mythologies- Barthes on… Wrestling

I intend to cover each of the essays of Roland Barthes’ Mythologies individually. It’s a wonderful book which highlights the hidden natures and symbols of everyday life. I begin today with essay #1- wrestling. Barthes begins with wrestling exactly because of the transparency of actions and symbols. It is a spectacle of excess. Every single…… Continue reading Mythologies- Barthes on… Wrestling