Humanity- out of place in the modern world?

One thing I believe to be fundamental about human life is that it is out of sync, both on an individual scale, as well as on a larger scale, with its environment. The environments in question can be social, biological, or natural (as in our environmental surroundings such as the natural world or the house…… Continue reading Humanity- out of place in the modern world?

Social media and the collective unconscious

As regular readers will have noticed, I find the the invention of things like the camera and social media fascinating because of how they have changed our mindset in viewing our selves. The fact that we can now capture moments has made those moments more defining than they otherwise would have been. Not only that,…… Continue reading Social media and the collective unconscious

Existentialism and Humanism- Jean-Paul Sartre

Before discussing the text, I want to give a little background about what existentialism is, and how it led to what Sartre believed. This will help us to understand the text far better. First of all, we will discuss Kierkegaard, who was possibly the most important name in the field of existentialist philosophy. Kierkegaard took…… Continue reading Existentialism and Humanism- Jean-Paul Sartre

The ‘I’ in the continuity of consciousness

Sam Harris has recently become more involved in debates regarding robots and Artificial Intelligence and their places in the future. In a discussion with David Chalmers recently, they talked about how some tech developers have been thinking about the development of machine brains, or neurally integrated computers. One reason for this is that electronic computers…… Continue reading The ‘I’ in the continuity of consciousness