Book Reviews

Albert Camus- The Myth of Sisyphus

Seneca- On The Shortness of Life

S. Radhakrishnan- The Hindu View of Life

Kakuzo Okakura- The Book of Tea

Rene Descartes- The Meditations 1/3

Rene Descartes- The Meditations 2/3

Rene Descartes- The Meditations 3/3

Ralph Waldo Emerson- Circles

Ralph Waldo Emerson- The Gift

John-Paul Flintoff- How to Change the World

Jean-Paul Sartre- Existentialism and Humanism

Walter Benjamin- Art in the age of Mechanical Reproduction

Shirley Jackson- We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Malcolm Gladwell- Outliers

Max Black- The Identity of Discernibles (essay)

David Hume- of the Standard of Taste

Roderick M Chisholm- The Persistence of Persons (essay)

Sam Harris- Free Will